Pension Administration Research

Pension Administration Economies of Scale Quantified: based on a Dutch case study, supplemented with global data. Edsart Heuberger, 2018


CEM Insights Publications
CEM will continue to provide our clients with relevant research on current issues and trends in pension administration.  Our strategy is to focus on three targeted topics to be distributed to our clients throughout the year.

2015 Insights:

  • Pension Administration Trends in Employer Services (Spring, 2015)
  •  Fruit Instead of Ice Cream:  Can you tempt your members with lower cost transactions? (Summer, 2015)
  • Engaging Your Members Through Social Media  (Fall, 2015)

2014 Insights:

  • A Case Study on the Arizona State Retirement System:  Strategies for Maximizing Productivity (Winter, 2014)
  •  Mobile Apps:  DB or not DB?  The challenge of finding a place for mobile apps in the world of defined benefit plans (Spring, 2014)
  • Telecommuting Practices in Pension Administration:  Current and Future Trends (Fall, 2014)

Other CEM best practice research:

  • Paperless Administration (2012)
  • Satisfaction Surveying (2011)
  • Trends in Information Technology (2010)
  • Information Technology (2009)
  • Communication Strategies (2008)
  • Websites:  Online Secure Member Areas (2007)
  • Call Centers (2006)
  • Member Statements (2005, 2001)
  • Collections and Data Maintenance Business Process Review (2004)
  • Websites (2003)
  • Disability Benefit Brochure Content (2003)
  • Member Handbooks and Brochures (2003)
  • Satisfaction Surveying Methodology (2002)