Measure and manage performance:  Our BenchmarkDC report provides you with a baseline against which performance can be measured.   It will help you manage performance by developing realistic goals in the areas of investment performance, risk and costs.    


Understand and manage cost:  Detailed cost comparisons show you precisely where you are paying more, or less, than your peers. Clients often use this analysis to negotiate and reduce costs.

Document fulfillment of your fiduciary duties:  Clients use our BenchmarkDC report as documented evidence that they are fulfilling their fiduciary duties and that they are upholding the “prudent expert” standard. 


Communicate performance to stakeholders:  Benchmarking enables you to demonstrate and communicate performance to boards, members, staff and other stakeholders through an independent third party. 

Decision support tool:  Our analysis supports decision making and helps you to identify areas that may need attention:

  • Investment options that need to be reviewed or replaced
  • Fees that need to be renegotiated
  • Plan features that need to be enhanced or modified
  • Education and communication efforts that need to be updated

Plan design competitiveness review:  Plan sponsors use our BenchmarkDC report to ensure that plan features are competitive.


Research about best practices and trends:  We provide research about what other leading plan sponsors are doing.


 Understand your business:  We believe what gets measured gets managed.  The better you understand your business, the better your decision-making process will be.