Pension Administration Benchmarking

CEM has a long history of providing public and private systems with insights into their administration cost and service levels. By analyzing and quantifying the services you provide to your members and the cost constraints associated with your administration, we help you understand the value of the service relative to the cost.  We do this by comparing you to your most relevant peers, our global clients and your own results over time.   Our administration benchmarking service includes the following:

Comprehensive benchmarking report:  The heart of the benchmarking analysis compares the cost of your key activities to your peers. In great detail, our report explains to you which factors drive the costs specific to each activity.

Best practice researchThis year CEM changed the research format for our pension administration benchmarking service.  Over the past 14 years, our focus has been on large research projects that focused on best practices in communication materials or business processes in pension administration. We will continue to provide our clients with relevant research on current issues and trends in pension administration.  However, our new strategy is to focus on three targeted topics to be distributed to our clients throughout the year. If you would like to receive more information on this subject, or any of our best practice research, please contact Brenda Yuyitung. 

On-site presentation of results:  Upon receiving your analysis and report, an expert from CEM will present the report to you on-site. Beside a personal, in-depth presentation, you will have the opportunity to discuss the results and any questions you may have.


Global Pension Administration Conference:  Our conference offers the opportunity to meet with your peers from all over the world. With presentations led by your peers and key experts, we inform you on the newest challenges and advances in administration.  In 2017, the conference will be hosted in Chicago, Illinois.


Online peer network:  Through our peer network you can post questions for other benchmarking participants to read and respond to. Our online forum allows you and your peers to collaborate, brainstorm, pose ideas and share solutions.  For more information on the Peer Network, please contact Yvette van Velsen.


CEM recognizes the delicate balance pension systems are confronted with, between providing quality service and striving to stay or become cost efficient. Such objectives can only be reached when a system has an understanding of what it actually means to be high or low cost, and when you can transform qualitative measures into a quantitative perspective. CEM’s comprehensive benchmarking service provides just that.