Measure and manage performance:  The report provides you with a baseline against which performance can be measured.   It will help you manage performance by developing realistic goals in the areas of cost, service and transaction volumes.  


Communicate performance to stakeholders:  Benchmarking enables you to demonstrate and communicate performance to boards, members, staff and other stake-holders through an independent third party.  


Gain best practice insights:  Over the past 14 years, our focus has been on large research projects that focused on best practices in communication materials or business processes in pension administration.  We will continue to provide our clients with relevant research on current issues and trends in pension administration.  However, our new strategy is to focus on three targeted topics to be distributed to our clients throughout the year.


Share ideas:  Learn what other funds are doing.


Understand your business:  We believe what gets measured gets managed.  The better you understand your business, the better your decision-making process will be.