"CEM has provided CalPERS with a comprehensive report benchmarking our costs to the pension industry for more than 14 years. The report has been an excellent tool to help us measure our success in providing long-term, cost-effective investment returns."
Anne Stausboll, Chief Executive Officer

California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS)

"The CEM analysis cuts through the noise of traditional measurement and gives a clear picture of what value is being created by management."
Robert Bertram, Former Executive Vice-President, Investments

Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan


"CEM - don't try to manage a pension plan without it. The CEM comprehensive report tells us where we stand, how we can improve and gauges the effectiveness of our investment operation against a global set of peers."
Christopher J. Ailman, Chief Investment Officer

California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS)


"The CEM benchmarking study provides us with useful, timely and relevant data in order to compare ourselves with industry peers around the world.  It is far superior to any other benchmarking exercise we've seen.  In addition, the professional staff at CEM are always looking for ways to improve the study and to provide additional services to their clients (conferences, peer networks, etc.).  We have benefited significantly from the experience."
Rosemarie McClean, Chief Operations Officer

Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan


"CEM is the only true apples-to-apples performance database that I have encountered in my 20 years in the pension business. The depth and breadth of pension plan participation clearly shows CEM to be the performance benchmark of choice worldwide."
Anthony Abbott, Former Director, Benefit Investments

Georgia-Pacific Corporation


"The CEM report provides an excellent analysis to compare costs and services and to identify potential areas for improvement. It has been a useful tool in demonstrating to our Board the need to support enhancements for members to ensure the provision of industry leading, cost effective, quality services."
John O’Flaherty, Former General Manager

State Superannuation Schemes of South Australia


"CEM provides us annually with a comprehensive look at the cost structure of our 401(k) plan. It is a veritable encyclopedia of fee information and an incomparable resource.  No plan sponsor should operate without this level of data."
William H. Preece, Jr., Director, Retirement Funds

Abbott Laboratories Ltd.


"CEM's DC and DB Investment Benchmarking reports are critical to our plan cost control efforts and are an important part of our plan fiduciary reviews." 

 Andrew Steiner, Assistant Treasurer, Investments

Motorola, Inc.


"CEM has been invaluable in the analysis of State of Wisconsin Investment Board's costs, assessment of investment style implementation decisions and measurement of SWIB's value added compared to its peers. It has become an important element in our annual strategy review."
Lori Wersal, Chief Operating Officer

State of Wisconsin Investment Board


"The CEM Pension Administration Benchmarking report and the other services offered by CEM play an important role in our continuous process improvement program. We implemented numerous customer service initiatives during the past several years as a result of our partnership with CEM. Our members and employers have

benefited from our participation."
Dan Duquette, Deputy Executive Director

Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund


"The annual CEM survey provides us with a wealth of comparative data and analysis on the cost dynamics of our plan.  It is a unique source of quantitative information on the central job of a plan sponsor: setting the appropriate investment policy."

William H. Preece, Jr., Director, Retirement Funds

Abbott Laboratories Ltd.


"We have found the CEM benchmarking process to be an invaluable tool that helps MOSERS identify what we need to do to meet and exceed our members' customer service expectations in a cost-effective manner. The CEM service benchmarks are an integral part of our organizational performance objectives and the best practice reviews, that include examples from other CEM participants, help us to identify areas where we can improve our effectiveness. We are one of the smallest systems in the survey and have found that the CEM data provides us with a wealth of information about our service levels, cost and effectiveness that would be too expensive to gather on our own."

Karen Stohlgren, Deputy Executive Director

Missouri State Employees' Retirement System (MOSERS)