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A Roadmap for Funds to Improve Transparency

Pension funds and other asset owners worldwide are striving to adopt higher transparency and disclosure standards for the benefit of their stakeholders. Where is your fund in this journey? More importantly, how will you keep up with industry best practices?

With mounting pressure and scrutiny from media, regulators, boards, peers, and the public to improve public disclosures, the industry is speeding up the implementation of transparency best practices for the benefit of their beneficiaries, stakeholders, and ultimately: the world.
Transparency is a critical practice that impacts the whole organization. From communicating how organizations create value for stakeholders, to the disclosure of critical governance, performance, cost and responsible investment factors; transparency remains at the heart of everything an organization does.

Transparency Matters

Far beyond the moral imperative that recognizes transparency “is the right thing to do” there is plenty of evidence that shows how greater transparency leads to better outcomes, including:

  • Improved decision making. Transparency and accountability go hand in hand.
  • Clarity of purpose that comes from simplifying and communicating complex issues.
  • Improved relationships with a broad spectrum of stakeholders including beneficiaries, plan sponsors, regulators, suppliers, and concerned citizens.
  • Improved stewardship. After all, management’s duty is to do their best to the benefit of their stakeholders.
  • "Trust is a critically important success factor. Transparency builds trust. Transparency is the right thing to do and the smart thing to do."

    - Mike Heale, CEM Benchmarking

    To support asset owners in this goal, CEM has created a Transparency Benchmark. This is a strategic tool that helps funds speed up the implementation of transparency best practices and builds a great foundation for transparency leadership in our industry.

    How does the Transparency Benchmark work?

    The CEM Transparency Benchmark is a comprehensive assessment that covers major impact areas and consider critical goals in your transparency journey. It will help you:

    Get a third-party
    Transparency Assessment
    Transparency Efforts
    Identify Gaps for
    Implement Best

    Across Four Major Strategic Impact Areas

    The CEM Transparency Benchmark provides insights into four impact areas.


    Governance and


    Investing (RI)

    Specifically, the CEM Transparency Benchmark will help your fund:

    What to do next?

    If you want to discover how CEM’s Transparency Benchmark can help your organization improve transparency, inquire about our Transparency Report. Click the button below and fill out the form on the next page. Our team will contact you shortly to discuss. Hope to meet you soon. Learn More