Investment Benchmarking Service

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Introducing CEM Dashboard

This year, your CEM Benchmarking report will come with a free, interactive, online tool!

Compare your cost, performance and risk against peers and two (or more) universes of local and global pension funds and sovereign wealth funds. Get instant answers, download data and use it on the go!

Supported by CEM Database with cost and performance data from more than 400 active participating pension plan sponsors having more than $10 trillion assets under management.

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How our Clients Use the Service

Demonstrate Value for Money to Stakeholders

Demonstrate to your Board and key stakeholders that your investment costs and staffing levels are reasonable. Clients often cite our benchmarking results in their annual reports.

Plan for Change and Growth

How much will it cost and how many FTE will you need to move into a new asset class or implementation style? How will costs and FTE change as you grow?

Manage and Reduce Costs

Many have successfully negotiated lower fees and costs with managers and custodians. Others have used our reports and research to migrate to a more effective cost structure by changing implementation styles.

Support for Changes to Investment Programs

Our report provides external validation of what others are doing, which can be invaluable when trying to get buy in from your stakeholders to make changes to your investment programs.

Setting Performance Targets

What is top quartile value added by asset class? Which asset classes are the most and least efficient?

How It Works

Our methodology and rigorous data cleaning by our team of analysts ensure like-for-like comparisons of costs, risk and performance.

Insights gained from CEM analysis and research helps you to optimize your performance and manage your costs.

You get a comprehensive benchmarking report that compares your returns, value added, risk, costs and FTE to a peer group customize for you and your country universe.

Understand where and why you are different from your peers. Benefit from our experience and research through a personal presentation and discussion of your results.

Unique Global Investment Database

400 funds, $10 trillion assets, 27 year history

The Service Includes Annual Research

Past topics include: